Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Goodbye DAD!

Dear Dad,
Your presence is missed, you filled a room when you entered

Mom expects to see you in bed, I keep looking to see you with a blanket over your head watching TV, I miss you calling out”Rosely” Every time you needed something and mom saying “ como molestas” .  You gave the family many things, you provided for us, we took many vacations, you worked very hard, you overcame the loss of a job that devastated you to find your true calling in selling insurance for the Knights of Columbus.

I remember the first trike, pedal car, training wheels on a regular bike, the Dodge Dart I used to wreak it and your truck towing it, I remember the MG Midget you got to replace it, and the help with my first new car.

I remember your stressing the importance of an education, guiding me to a degree, advice on a job

I remember you taking me back in after I separated from Gail

I remember going to the PIT while it was built when I was 4 or 5, I remember the season tickets, football games, the regional, the 1978 team that was supposed to go to the pit, the football games when I had season tickets, mostly I remember you getting angry listening to Mike Roberts call a game and describe how the refs were destroying the Lobos, I’ve never seen you get that mad, and mom yelling that you were going to have a heart attack, particularly last few years

I remember your disappointment being 10 people away in the ticket line at the 1968 regional when UCLA  

I remember watching All in the Family you you doing an exaggerate your laugh that would make mom mad, when a pretty girl was on tv you’d say”Rosely Dios de mi vida” and she call you an old goat, I didn’t get it at the time why you would tease mom, but I got it when I met Gail.

I remember the BBQ in the back yard, and mom complaining when you forgot to turn off the gas

I remember the vacations to Disneyland, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, out trip to Seattle for Andy’s Funeral and Pike’s market

I remember little league, the K of C basketball team that made it to the championship, Boys club ball, team parents, the K of C softball team-you were the pitcher

I remember the basketball goal , the first on using 2 x4’s and the metal one you had made at Crist, the gift that kept giving, used at least 10 years every year, the flood light you put in, the dirt court you later cemented when you expanded the house giving Angela her own bed room and me a room far away from the rest of you.  I never got as tall as Petey Gibson but I tried.
I remember you getting into the Final Four in 1983 only having a ticket for the semi’s but a guy from UCLA gave you his ticket after they lost so he could go to the Pueblos.

I remember we watched the Cubs and went out finally in 2004 went to see a few games, when they won WS last year you were really happy 
I remember In 1972 mom liked the song “ Take a walk on the wild side” and when it was on the radio she would call you and hold the receiver to the radio, I don’t think you ever understood what the song was about, which is really funny.  

I remember how much mom, you  57+ years, will never forget you calling out “ROSELY I Need help” many times a day, she made your life complete, you always worried  about her at the end

I remember the K of C , the church, and the Hispanic Cultural center was central to your core beliefs of faith, family, and focus on your life, and it touched the lives of others

I remember your smile, your laugh, the glare that turned warm when you he recognized someone

I Remember A warm smile, joy of laughter, picked up the check even if you were the honoree, I had to sneak the check in later years

You  had a presence about yourself, unmatched , everyone knew when you was in the room

I honor your memory by remembering your smile, your laughter, devotion to family, dedication to helping others, and smiling at his memory there are 100’s of dad jokes and stories……………. you are  a really good guy
You wont be forgotten, the picture is my favorite of you and I, I will miss you

Friday, May 19, 2017

My Dad is Dying

My Awesome dad is dying.  This picture was taken May 11, 2017, it was his last good day.  He has slipped the last 2 months.  We were celebrating my birthday and he became disoriented, lost motor control and he spent 3 weeks in a rehab. 
He has been stubborn about nourishment and it caught up to him.  He is suffering from Parkinson's and dementia.  He made his end of life wishes clear.  He received his final sacraments Tuesday, home hospice is involved.  I await his joining the universe.
He saw to it I finished college, he sacrificed to keep his family doing well, long after we were 18, he loved his wife, depended on her and took her on trips around the world.  He dedicated his life to helping others through the Knights of Columbus.  I will forever be in his debt     

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Elton John

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

A new year and the summer of my content

Been sleeping late of late.  This is not booze fueled, but a result of staying up late watching reruns, a pointless endeavor.   At the ER with the DA, her neck hurts and she is waiting for a muscle relaxer shot, MA is sick at home , tired from the holidays, but might be sick, I got her Ginger Ale and chicken and chicken soup, my dad not wanting to be left out wanted canned pears.  It's hump day for the workers, for the retirement group, just another day.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016


Its all over but the shouting, the people have spoken.  Minorities and unpopular religions are fearful, and I've believed that "Make America great again" meant "Make America WHITE again" the hatred I've seen is now legitimate, time for me to change my post retirement.  May we all fight for our rights.  Time for a healthy bowl of pinapple.